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Monday, January 20, 2014

Air-Cleaning Plants: Mother-in-Law

For Christmas, Kelsy gave me a fair-trade basket for a potted plant. I had recently pinned* something about plants that clean the air, & had good intentions of visiting a nursery to find one of those plants, but hadn't gotten around to it yet. Last Saturday at the farmer’s market, I saw some plants for sale & recognized one of them as having been on that list. Here she is –

The Mother-in-Law Plant (also known as a Snake Plant)

The Mother-in-Law plant, as shown by a NASA study, removes formaldehyde (very common in cleaning & household products), benzene (a carcinogenic petrochemical), trichloroethylene (a carcinogenic chlorinated hydrocarbon, used industrially), & toluene & xylene (poisonous compounds used in household products) from the air. It actually turns CO2 into oxygen at night, so it’s the perfect plant to have in your bedroom, as oxygen helps you sleep better.

But wait! It gets better! You hardly have to water the thing. You can kill it by overwatering, or by ignoring it for months, but besides that, it’s great for those of us with black thumbs. The woman at the farmer’s market did tell me that it will start to produce shoots that you have to break off at the root to make sure the plant doesn’t start growing out of hand. So you do have to keep somewhat of an eye on it, just to make sure the plant doesn’t bust your pot.

Warning: keep the Mother-in-Law plant away from dogs & cats, as it is poisonous to them.

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